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Pour yourself some tea, make yourself comfortable and sink into the most frustating story ever.

This is a visual novel about a girl who tells a story of her life during psychologist session. As a player you can choose things she's going to tell, which will impact the story, write your own name and name the rest of the crew. It's just a really simple game with 15 to 20 minutes of gameplay.

Made for My First Game Jam Summer 2019 (07/05 - 07/21/2019).


  • 6 700 words - about 20 minutes of gameplay
  • player can name the main character
  • player can name the rest of the crew
  • many choices to make
  • player's choices affect the doctor's end speech
  • secret topic to talk about
  • some Astral Nights easter eggs

Disclaimer: this game was made from just pure need of heart.  It's just my way to express my frustration with things. It may contain some topics that may upset or trigger you (f.e. sexism, abuse, cursing, description of gruesome images).


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Hello! Really glad to see another game from you, your game from last year was great. I see this time you made a very personal game pouring out your feelings. I think that is really brave and it's good for any artist to put their thoughts into their art.

If you want any feedback for your game, feel free to contact me at My First Game Jam's dicord, my username is the same. In any case, good work! You should feel proud. *Smiles*

Thank you for your comment and for following my progress :)!

I feel like the whole game is very well done and unique. thanks for making this game ;)

Thank you for playing and for your kind words! :)

I thought that the scroll wheel to read previous dialogue was a really clever mechanic. I'm also glad you could use game dev to express yourself :) 

Thank you for your comment :)!